Our History

site-285645_960_720Our company’s roots date back to 1978, when our late president, Richard Daiker,  opened Keystone General Insurance Agency. Twenty years later, Mr. Daiker began the quest to bring younger producers into the business, thus ensuring the company’s succession plan. In 2005, the partners welcomed new owners Tony Fierro, Johnny Moss and Gary Thompson to the K&S family, followed by John Marek in 2011.

K&S established itself as a construction industry specialist from the outset and steadily advanced into manufacturing, healthcare, wholesale, property-owners and many other sectors over the years. Our clients are companies large and small based in Texas and beyond, which we service from our headquarters in Rockwall, Texas and from our satellite offices in El Paso and Cedar Park.

Our firm is built upon the premises of independent ownership, competitive pricing, industry knowledge and experience. Careful planning has resulted in a solid company structure designed to facilitate continued success in the 21st century.